About Vineyard Churches

The Vineyard is a worldwide movement of churches, diverse in that each reflects their unique context but held together by a clear set of core values.


The movement began as a group of only a few people in Southern California, burnt out by religion, but inspired by the “Jesus Movement” (a revival in the 1970’s that led to thousands of 20-somethings to faith in God).¬†Frustrated with their church experiences, they focused on simple worship, having a relationship with God, learning how to actually do “the stuff” that Jesus did and reach out to the non-religious culture around them, all based around the clear Biblical theology of the Kingdom of God.

By the 1980s more and more churches felt like they aligned with the vision of the original Vineyards that it became apparent we had become a “movement”. Under the leadership of the now late John Wimber, the Vineyard become an international presence both starting new churches in the UK, Europe, South Africa, Europe as well as serving existing denominations by teaching & equipping.

Leaders in the Anglican church, Bethel (Jesus Culture), Soul Survivor youth movement, charismatic Catholic movement and many more have credited Wimber and the Vineyard as key influences for what’s happening in those communities today.

The Vineyard Movement Now

The Vineyard is now a growing worldwide collective of churches; 550+ in the U.S. & 1,500+ churches worldwide (North, Central and South America, throughout Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia). Our core values, worked out differently for different churches in different cultures & contexts, hold us together as a community:

* The Theology and Practice of the Kingdom of God
* Experiencing God
* Culturally Relevant Mission (Reaching each generation)
* Reconciling Community (Being peacemakers)
* Compassionate Ministry (Caring for the broken)

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